Heritage Flour Sampler

We created this sampler in partnership with Maine Grains to highlight four of their most unique stone-milled flours. Great for experienced bakers who want to experiment with new grains like buckwheat and rye. The package includes 2.4 lb bags of the following varieties:


Red Fife Wheat Flour

An American heritage grain variety that was once the country's standard bread flour. It has a sweet, nutty flavor and gives bread an incredible aroma. Great for use in all your favorite bread recipes.


Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat is generally considered to be a powerful revitalizing cover crop, but it also happens to have a delicious flavor. Distinctively nutty and naturally gluten-free (but milled in the same facility as wheat). It can be blended with wheat and rye flours for extraordinary sourdoughs. As a stand alone, it can be used easily for noodles, pancakes or crepes.


Corn Flour

This open-pollinated yellow flint corn flour is perfect for cornbread and baking. It is among our founder and head baker Zach Golper's favorite grains to ferment with wheat. It offers subtle notes of whiskey, minerality, sweetness and creaminess and softens the crumb, especially when combined with olive oil.


Rye Flour

Low in gluten and rich in fiber, this freshly-milled rye flour is great in aromatic breads like pumpernickel and volkornbrot. We also love it in cookies and pancakes.