Luisa Abram Chocolate Bar Collection

This sampler features Luisa Abram, a Brazilian chocolatier who draws on her homeland's rich botanical diversity for inspiration. Her chocolates showcase ingredients like wild cacao sourced from the Amazon River basin and Cupuaçu, an Amazonian superfood that belongs to the same family as cocoa. 


Rio Tocantins Chocolate with Wild Cocoa

This chocolate bar comes from the up-and-coming Brazilian chocolatier Luisa Abram. It's made with 81% wild cocoa in partnership with an indigenous community that lives on the lower banks of the Tocantins river (hence the name). 

It has a multi-layered flavor with notes that range from fig and beet to cedar smoke and corn ash. It comes through as elegant, complicated and mature, with a velvety texture and haunting finish.



Dark Chocolate with Cupuaçu

This chocolate bar is made with beautifully fermented cacao from the Amazon Rainforest. It combines the cacao's subtle notes of rye whiskey and bitter almond with the exotic, peach-like flavor of the Amazonian cupuaçu fruit. The flavors  unfold in harmony with a remarkably clean finish.