Marou Chocolate Bar Collection

This chocolate sampler includes 5 mini bars from Marou Chocolate, one of our favorite global chocolatiers and the first to make bean to bar chocolate from exclusively Vietnamese cacao. It includes:


Bar Ria

Crafted from Trinitario cacao grown on the southeast coast of Vietnam, this bar has an intense fruit forward taste with hints of currants and candied citrus.


Lam Dong

Made from beans grown in the Lam Dong province in the Mekong delta, this award-winning bar has flavor notes of balsamic, bread and raisins with a black cherry finish.


Dak Lak

A spectacularly spicy bar with strong, earthy tones, made with cacao selected from the highland district of Dak Lak province, Vietnam.


Tien Gang

Made from bean to bar in Vietnam, this chocolate has a full-bodied texture and intense flavor with notes of sweet, red fruit, cinnamon, and anise. 


Dong Nai

This complex chocolate uses shade-grown cacao from 5 different provinces in Vietnam. It has a delicate aroma and flavors of spice.