Winter Wellness

Our newest bundle for winter 2021 features a cozy selection of items to lift your spirits and boost your immune systems. Includes:


Red Bee Honey

Single-origin honey with a unique flavor profile determined by the seasonal flowers that bees feed on throughout the year. Made by environmental activist and acclaimed beekeeper Carla Marina Marchese.


Ginger Tea

This simple blend of ginger, lemon peel, and black pepper is a great throat soother that happens to be caffeine free.


Fighter Cider

Made by Wilson Herb Farm in Greensboro, VT, this powerful brew of herbs and spices will fire up your digestion and circulate heat from head to toe.


Ginger Muscovado Cookies

You won't find these coookies on a short list of health foods, but we think they're good for the soul. Plus, they have a pungent, ginger-y kick that'll clear your sinuses.


Star Anise & Almond Poundcake

Our new seasonal pound cake gets its comforting flavor from warming spices like cinnamon and star anise. It's also made without gluten!