Sourdough Starter Kit

Our famous Sourdough Starter Kit has everything you need to make well-done bread at home, for amateurs and experts alike. As seen in the New York Times, our kit features one 2 lb bag of organic flour, one bench scraper, one dough scraper, one banneton (proofing basket), one couche (bread-making cloth), and a jar of our homegrown in Brooklyn 8-year-old sourdough starter, the same we use in stores for our beloved Miche. We will also provide an instruction card for managing your starter and making a simple sourdough loaf.


Storage: As soon as you receive your kit, refrigerate the starter or feed it immediately following the instructions provided.


FAQ's: Click here more detailed instructions on how to care for your sourdough starter. 

For more information on our lead times and fulfillment schedule, click  here.



Make the starter kit extra special by adding our cookbook or a freshly baked loaf of rustic sourdough bread!