Sourdough Starter FAQ's


Can it be used straight from the fridge? It can be used straight from the fridge. For best results, mix together 50g mother, 100g water, and 100g flour. Then ferment for 12 hours at room temperature. The resulting mixture is appropriate for a recipe that uses 500g flour. 


How long does it need to stay in the fridge before use? Kept in a covered container, it is good to use at any point until its next feeding. 


How soon after I get it should I feed it? We recommend feeding it immediately if you can. But, you can wait up to 24 hours as long as you keep it refrigerated. 


How often do I need to feed it? Once a week. Choose your feeding day. Pull from fridge, leave out at room temp 6-8 hours, feed, leave out for an additional 6-8 hours, return to fridge. 


Should I feed it before every use? No. Only feed it once a week on a regular schedule. 


Do I let it come to room temperature before feeding? Yes, you will want to let it ferment for 6-8 hours. Once fed, it needs to stay at room temperature for 6-8 hours (not any more!!) and be returned to the refrigerator. 


What do I do if I miss a feeding? To preserve the health of your starter, you should make the feeding schedule as regular as possible. If you do miss a feeding, do it as soon as you remember and then adjust your 7 day cycle accordingly. 


How long do I wait after feeding before I am able to use it to bake? 6-8 hours


How long will it last? The mother will live indefinitely as long as you continue to feed it regularly.  Treat it like a family heirloom and it will last generations. 


I just received it in the mail and am worried about it after its long trip. Is there anything special I should do for it? Feed it. Let it sit out for 6-8 hours and place in the fridge. It'll be fine!